Inspired by the natural beauty of Northern Michigan and the surrounding waters


  • Michigan Fall Collection 2023
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Our Commitment to clean

-Reusable glass jars

-Sustainable wood wicks

-Cruelty free ingredients

-Biodegradable eco glitter

-Trash removal from local beaches and waters

-Our clean scents are phthalate-free & paraben free

-Coconut wax is sustainable and clean burning

-Any dyes used are eco-dyes & are REACH registered, a regulation designed to protect human and environmental health from chemicals that could cause harm to the people, planet or animals.


Our nature inspired fragrances are phthalate, paraben & cruelty-free. Several high-end custom blends are curated in-house, and are exclusive to Local Candle Co. Some fragrance highlights from our line include a true to life warm summer rain scent, and a goji berry & black tea blend that seems to top many favorite lists.


The most distinct feature of our candles are the beautiful Petoskey and Leland blue stones that come embedded on top of each signature candle. Each stone has its own unique color and markings, so no two candles are ever identical. Although called Leland blue, this type of slag stone comes in a wide range of colors from blue to purple to green. All of our special stones have been gathered by my family and I, straight from the beautiful shores of Northern Michigan.


When lit, our wicks produce a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of sitting by a summer bonfire or crackling fireplace in the fall. Not only are they visually intriguing, but they also cause less carbon buildup, debris and sooting. With our purchase of wooden wicks, trees are planted through the Trees for the Future program.


Coconut wax is a renewable, high yield crop. This makes it a great wax both sustainable & clean burning.

No Prop 65 ingredients

No Carcinogens

No Mutagens

No Reproductive, organ, or acute toxins

I will never buy another candle from B&BW or Yankee again! I have had the honor of being a candle/wax melt tester since day 1. My duties thus far have included burning candles/melts daily for 2+ years. I smelled & observed them for safety. She had very detailed surveys to rate each & every scent, longevity, wick, & wax type. She wanted my honest opinions on my observations and opinions. She has been working SO hard to make everything perfect. These are truly quality made candles that started in a home kitchen and has now grown into an office space. All of this without having a website, or any social media presence yet. Literally amazing! Handmade with so much love and attention to detail by not only a woman...a busy mother, a nurse, and so much more. I am so proud of you Kelsey! Local Candle Co for life!

Casey E.

My candle makes me smile. What a great scent. Thank you tons.

E. Callaghan

Local Candle Co creates an amazingly unique, Northern Michigan inspired product! Hand-crafted in small, curated batches, their coco/soy blend has a cleaner, consistent burn and fill your space with natural fragrance blends that are not overpowering. Aesthetically, these candles are gorgeous, and give a nod to their local roots: The Great Lakes State.

J. Kuz